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Write For Us - The Simple Herald

Write For Us

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What We’re Looking For:

The Simple Herald invites anyone who has a unique and interesting story to submit it to us for review. We are currently accepting the following types of articles:

  • Breaking News

  • Current Events

  • Editorials

  • OP-EDS

  • Whistle-Blower

If your article does not fit any of the above, we still might be interested in publishing it. Contact us here for more information.

Get Started:

  1. Create a The Simple Herald account

    1. Update the account with an author’s headshot, bio, and relevant social media links

  2. Log into our easy to use writer’s dashboard

  3. Draft your article

    1. Please only use images, graphics, and other materials that are copyright free

  4. Submit your article for review

Once our editors have edited and optimized your article, we will notify you when it is published. Please note that the publishing time can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. 


The Simple Herald prides itself in offering one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry. We offer the following:

  1. 70% of the Adsense revenue provided back to you on any published article(s) you submit

    1. The rate at the time of your article being published will never change for that article

    2. Paid out monthly via Tezos cryptocurrency

    3. $15 minimum required for payout 

  2. Complimentary social media advertising for any article published

  3. An ‘’ email for journalistic purposes

  4. An official press credential after your 6th month with our publication