Comedian and television personality Howard (Howie) Manadel purportedly uploaded a TikTok last night with an image of what appears to be a prolapsed anus of someone he claims to know.

“This occurred when my buddy Neil leaned over. Does anybody know if that is associated to coronavirus? In that case, what are we doing?” the 66-year-old comedian stated in the now-deleted video.

According to those who saw the TikTok while it was still posted, it appeared to stay up for some time. Some users reported above 6+ hours prompting questions about the effectiveness of TikTok moderation staff and systems.

The Simple Herald has been forwarded a copy of the video. After independent fact-checking, we’ve confirmed that it is at the level of legitimacy to be published to our readership.

The now-deleted TikTok from Howie Mandel.

This story is still developing. Check back later for more.

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