Cawthorn’s Nudes Leaked

David Madison Cawthorn is a U.S politician serving as a U.S Representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. Cawthorn is a member of the republican party, and he is a Christian and constitutional conservative. A darling of the far-right, Cawthorn has become the rising star within the right-wing communities, especially in the right-wing extremities.

Cawthorn has faced many accusations and scandals, including getting caught lying and having many former classmates coming out to speak against his predatory behavior. However, the newest scandal that puts Cawthorn in the center of the spotlight is a photo of him in woman lingerie. Cawthorn claims that the photos were taken as a joke, some light-hearted fun taken as part of an activity on a cruise. Cawthorn is wearing a see-through top with a black bra in the photo.

The North Carolina politician dismissed the photo in a tweet.

Cawthorn is distancing himself further from his colleague with his statement on a conservative podcast and claiming that his fellow politicians were involved with orgies and drug use. Later he back-peddled on that statement claiming that people were taking his words incorrectly.

Who knows what Cawthorn is up to in his time? The young U.S representative has a penchant for making it to the headlines. So what other spicy, revealing photos is he hiding? It looks like this Christian is a hypocrite and a cross-dresser, and the life of the party.

Politico originally published these photos.

CREDIT: obtained by Politico

Nude Video Leaked, Cawthorn Claims Blackmail.

Not only is his scandalous cross-dressing photo circulating among his political rivals, but a nude videotape has also been leaked to the public. The video shows a nude Cawthorn thrusting his hips onto a man’s head while screaming and grunting. Cawthorn immediately claimed that this nude video was his opponents blackmailing him. Cawthorn tweeted about the latest scandal involving him.

To everyone’s surprise, even the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, is disgusted by Cawthorn. Trump calls leaked photos and videos “gross” and is baffled that Cawthorn engaged in sexual acts with his cousin. Donald Trump is not impressed. The much favored MAGA fledgling has fallen out of grace with the former US president.

The North Carolina representative appears to be a bit of a sexual deviant. The pervert who claims to be closely aligned with Christian values is now facing many problems with this latest leak—embarrassing as well, as it’s not a steamy sex tape that one can at least brag about. Instead, the short video is throbbing with homosexuality, passionate grunts as Cawthorn climbs atop his “friend,” thrusting his naked hips, smashing bluntly onto a man’s head. It looks like Cawthorn prefers to be at the top, much to the chagrin of his fellow republicans.

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