Baby Food Famine

America is facing a nationwide shortage of baby food due to the supply chain issue plaguing the world. In addition, the drought has worsened due to Abbott Nutrition having to recall their baby formula from stores. Abbott Nutrition’s decision to recall their baby formula was made when four babies were hospitalized from a bacterial infection, and two infants passed away from the product.

Parents across America are now facing the problem of feeding their newborns. The price of baby formula has soared as high as $220. The shortage is getting so severe that major retailers are now limiting how much baby formula a customer can purchase.

40% of Top-Selling Baby Formula is Out of Stock

Stress, anxiety, and desperation have washed over parents with newborn babies. Many parents express their anguish by taking to social media and the online marketplace, pleading for specific baby formula brands. Unfortunately, this baby food “famine” poses a significant risk for newborns that require a particular baby formula that helps them with allergies, gastrointestinal issues, or metabolic issues.

The Concerns of Parents

Parents will have to adapt and swap their favored baby formula brand with another brand or a generic no-name. Parents with newborns on a medically specific brand will need to consult with their pediatrician before leaping to get a new baby formula brand.

Frank Conell, 43, said, “Good thing my children are old enough not to experience this devastating famine.” Maria Stint, 27, has commented on the dire situation “My newborn has a particular taste, she won’t accept anything but for this one brand” Caitlyn, 29, “This shortage doesn’t affect me, good thing my tits produce an abnormal amount of milk. I produce so much milk that I even share it with my neighbors who are desperate to feed their children.” Mike Vander, 33, says, “There’s gonna be a baby shortage if this baby formula shortage continues.”

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