The Feel Good Chemicals

The word degenerate means someone who has shown a decline in their physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable due to the technological advancements and the resources people have access to through the internet. It is easy to stumble upon something that can trigger a dopamine response.

Our brain is a complex organ that has a reward system. For example, an activity such as exercise can reward the brain with dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine and Serotonin are the feel-good chemicals. Dopamine is the reward and productivity chemical that makes you motivated. At the same time, the serotonin chemical makes you calmer, happier, and more focused.

So how do these two chemicals play a role in the downfall of oneself? Many people abuse the brain’s stimulation through activity or substance. Using the reward system in place means that the brain needs to push out more dopamine or serotonin. A person can get used to the dopamine release to require more stimulation, which leads to substance abuse or extreme niche of the activity. The human body can contain only so many neurotransmitters; abusing it can lead to burnout. In other words, the brain can be depleted of these natural stimulants.

Types Of Degeneracy

There are many activities and substances in which one can partake to get a flood of happiness chemicals. The two main types of addiction are chemical and behavioral addictions, and within those two addictions, the degeneracy spiral downwards.

Chemical Addictions

Drug Degenerates

Chemical addiction is when one abuses drugs and substances to get a rush of dopamine/serotonin. Cocaine, MDMA, weed, alcohol, meth, heroin, and many others have contributed to the spiraled downfall of many individuals. Not only do these chemicals negatively harms one health. The brain changes and the individual will desire an extreme craving for substances. Addicts will sacrifice what they once hold dear to chase that euphoria. The more they do, the more tolerance they build-up to the dopamine chemical, which means abusing drugs to get the next level of high they seek. These degenerates will lose the relationships, health, and careers that they have built up, even committing crimes to get what they desire.

Behavioral Addictions

Sex  Degenerates

These degenerates require any sexual activity to get their “fix,” just like how a drug addict gets theirs from drugs. The compulsive need to perform sexual activity can negatively affect one’s life, especially personal relationships. Sex addiction does not necessarily mean that one has multiple sexual partners. Still, a compulsive need to do anything sexual that includes masturbating, watching porn, or even being in a sexually stimulating situation. A sex addict may act distant, lying about one’s behavior, having chronic fantasies and thoughts of sex so much that it interferes with their work-life, and at some point, they might not even control or stop such behavior. It doesn’t stop there. These addicts can dig deeper into their degeneracy. Exploring their kinks and diving deeper into a niche area of their desires can lead to more abusive and harmful acts of sex. This is especially true today when teenagers have access to computers and, therefore, porn. As porn is more easily accessed, dopamine can be quickly rewarded and abused as the person in question watches more and builds a tolerance to dopamine. They require more extremities to get their fix. This leads to unhealthy relationships and an unrealistic expectation of sex in general.

Gambling Degenerates

These degenerates proudly call themselves an assortment of names like “Ape,” “retards” or “degenerate.” The stock trading community mainly treats the stock market like a casino that proudly proclaims these titles. At the same time,e the traditional gambler who spends their time at the casino do not degrade themselves as such. These types of degenerates are complex; they are driven purely by greed. By making a profit on whatever they are playing, they are rewarded with dopamine and money as well for their efforts and success. While some have their spirits crushed by losses, many will only be motivated by anger, greed, and desperation. They are trying to “revenge” trade to make all of their losses back, only to dig deeper into debt. The stock traders, in general, are a particular bunch. They are aware that they have a problem, but they seem to embrace it. These gamblers will purposely gamble away their life savings to post it to get a few laughs and internet points. It appears that it’s not only the result of profit and the stimulant reward that the brain gives out; it’s its journey. The gripping, nail-biting steps that one takes forward, the anticipation of how it all plays out. It gives an adrenaline rush that makes life all the more thrilling for them, as the weekly option that they all in on means life or debt.

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