Black Mold insight into America’s Worst

A housing complex in Las Vegas has been infested with black mold, a woman and her family living there has brought up the issue but the property management isn’t doing enough to put out a solution. The woman reported that every time she walks in the building with her family, they feel congested and reported difficulty breathing.

This is one example of the problems that many Americans face, especially low income, to no income family. They have to resort to living in these rundown properties infested with black mold, and pest. The Army is also facing this abhorrent issue of black mold that is affecting their neglected base housing property. The US troops and their family have been reporting the issues of mold in their living space, which is a threat to the health of the Army and their loved ones.

U.S senators are demanding money to fix the dilapidated housing that many troops are living in. There are anecdotes and reports of black mold and hazardous conditions of the army housing infrastructure throughout the country.

Unfortunately the housing issue is plague with fraud and inadequate funding. Namely the Balfour Beatty Communities which lied to the army about repairing the living spaces that many U.S servicemen and women lived in. The housing infrastructure is also competing for funds against the funding of the army and defense budgets. That includes training, weapon modernizations, maintenance of equipment and so on.

Reports and Accounts of Black Mold

David Redbert, 37, who currently resides in Alabama is living in a apartment with a black mold infestation. David complains about the black mold issues to the property owner but to no avail. “It’s hard for me to breath just walking in here, worse I think I’m becoming bald due to this mold, hell my pubes don’t grow out no more” Redbert proclaims.

Maria Canberro, 29, reports black mold in her housing complex in Louisiana “it’s outrageous that property management isn’t doing anything about this disgusting issue, the mold have become sentient I tell you.” Maria living in the complex for 3 years now has told “The issue with the lack of action is because this property is a low income building, they don’t want to do anything because there’s no profit.”

One account reports of the mold “consuming” an object, Evelyn Rosewood and her husband Steve Rosewood, 51 and 54, Hawaii have rented out their shed that they have turned into a guest house. What they found in their property was appalling “We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was vile. The tenant never even reached out to notify us about this problem. He was just living amongst the mold without a care in the world.”

Steve said when he checked the bathroom, the tub was filled with disgusting mold. “My eyes just opened wide, this was the wildest thing I ever saw. There were an assortment of sports equipment in there, a baseball bat was enveloped in mold like the mold was eating it. I swear the mold was becoming sentient.”

On the account of Evelyn Rosewood “The smell was revolting, I felt like I was about to faint as soon as I step in the guest house, what was worse was when I took a look at the sink, black filth covered the sink and it looked like it was pulsating. I got out of there as soon as I could my lungs were already burning.”

After Steve cleaned the bathtub filled with sports equipment and removing the “consumed” baseball bat. He found a swiffer in a similar situation like the bat.

The state of the bathroom

The sink Evelyn saw

Black Mold and Health issues

Exposure to black mold can be dangerous, severe black mold infestation and prolong exposure to it can cause black mold poisoning. Black mold are also known as toxic mold due to it producing mycotoxins a toxic substance that fungus produces.

Symptoms of black mold:

  • aches and pains
  • changes in mood
  • headaches
  • memory loss
  • nosebleeds

Black mold can also trigger allergies and irritations, an example of such symptoms are sore throat, red eyes, stuffy nose, skin rashes and so. Long term exposure can lead to bleedings of the lungs, insomnia, memory loss, confusion, and hair-loss.

People that are immunocompromise run the risk of getting a fungal infection due to breathing in the spores as well as asthma attacks, difficulties in breathing and chronic respiratory disease. It is important to clean your surroundings and calling a professional cleaner to remove any black mold if it gets too severe.

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