Random Strangers Attack on the rise!

Once thought to be one of the safest cities globally, Vancouver is now facing a worrying rise in assaults. As a result, the public’s sentiment has shifted; many people are more cautious when going out now as there has been an uptick of random assaults from strangers. In addition, residents have been voicing their concerns about the surge of assaults on the city and the police.

The police analyzed the recent, alarming increase in assaults in the city.  Total reported annual assaults in Vancouver have ranged between 3,921 and 4,608 over the past five years. Unfortunately, there is not enough data on the previous years for the police to confirm if there has been an increase in assaults.

There has been a worrying report that over four people a day have been victims of an unprovoked assault.

Tension high, hostility rearing its head

Both mainstream and social media have been reporting and showing appalling attacks. Striking fear into the hearts of both visitors and residents, The list of assaults goes on. In the past year, a man had his throat cut by a stranger that was walking behind him, homeless people sleeping are being assaulted, people waiting the bus were victims of indiscriminate assault, and an international student had a lit cigarette put out on their neck, and last but not least a stranger trying to reach inside an open car window to punch the driver and soon afterward tackling an older man nearby.

The pandemic has been a factor in these indiscriminate attacks, with support for the mentally ill and addicts stripped away. Many cannot receive the help they need, left with their problems and worsening symptoms. Individuals with mental illness are now lashing out, and with the restrictions being lifted. Many aggressive people are now coming out of the woodworks; with one-quarter of these unprovoked assaults, the attacker had a mental illness.

Locations, where assaults are most frequently reported are in the northern sections of Vancouver. The second area with the most reported assaults is Strathcona which encompasses the poverty-stricken downtown eastside. Meanwhile, the West End is the third area with the most reported assaults.

Is Vancouver not so safe anymore?

The public, police, and politicians are seeing and experiencing the frightening assaults that have been alarmingly increasing in Vancouver. Many are calling for a solution to resolve this horrendous issue that has fallen on the rainy coastal city. Unfortunately, this problem is not as simple to fix with many other factors. Complex issues such as homelessness, isolation, mental illness, and many more are spun and weaved into a web of trouble. These unwarranted attacks are just a new symptom. Will Vancouver ever be safe like it was before?

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