The Oscars: The Slap Heard Around the World
Will Smith slapping Chris Rock may have felt like just another meme moment from TV. Similar to how Jim Carey was kicked out of the movie section. Although it might seem insignificant, this singular slap sent many unintended shockwaves throughout the elite community. The Oscars: The Slap Heard Around the World is a movie moment that would turn into a full-blown Twitter tongue-fight between some of Hollywood’s most influential actors and directors. Many celebrities commented on the slap, including Angelina Jolie, who said Smith “slapped” Rock “like a man.” The winner of the Best Original Screenplay award, “Get Out” by Jordan Peele, had many people baffled when he took the stage and accepted his award. The visibly nervous comedian said he wanted to thank the Academy and then proceeded to say, “Yo, shut up.”
Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars
It’s no surprise that Chris Rock would take some ribbing at the Oscars. He’s a comedian who, at times, is critical of Hollywood and its ways. Although it’s not surprising that he would criticize the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts and Sciences, what he said caused a real stir. On stage, Rock said, “This year, the Oscars are so white, it’s white. All white people look like Oscar, who is 90-years-old. Look like he had never seen a black person in his entire life. So you can’t blame the Academy.” The line referenced three consecutive years when white actors and directors dominated the Oscar nominations. Rock went on to call out the Academy for being “too old, too white, and too male.”
Chris Rock Attacked Will Smith at the Oscars
It was during the show that everything changed. When Rock was about to make his way off stage, he was met by Will Smith, who was there to present the Best Adapted Screenplay award to “Call Me by Your Name.” The two men got into a heated argument that quickly spread on Twitter. Smith and Rock soon knocked down stereotypes and gave an honest talk about race, diversity, and representation in Hollywood. As the night went on, Will Smith became the one who was getting attacked. Rock was unhappy with how Smith was talking about him and often added, “I don’t care about your character; I care about my character.” Smith would even call Rock a “racist motherfucker.”
Will Smith and the Emotional Game of Thrones
It should come as no surprise that the Oscars are often a place where people let their emotions fly. Although many have been critical of Rock for his attack on Smith, it seems like the comedian was telling the truth. Rock said that the Academy is “too old, too white, and too male.” If we have to look at statistics, this is the exact description of the Academy that the Oscars have been for the last few years.
The Oscar Winners
Another exciting part of the Oscars was how the winners were announced. Many online were enraged when “Get Out,” a movie about racism, was named the Best Original Screenplay award. It was even crazier when the award was announced in a modified telecast. The cast and crew of “Get Out” were the ones who walked on the stage and accepted the award. In the Best Supporting Actor category, Mahershala Ali was awarded his role in “Green Book.” Ali said he didn’t want to “insert himself” into the conversation about race in America but wanted to join in the conversation because he believes “everyone should be able to have access to a great story.” The Best Supporting Actress award was given to “Roma” star Alfonso Cuaron. The director was emotional while talking about the movie and its director, who could not be there. Finally, “Roma” won the Best Foreign Language Film award.
Final Words
While the Oscars are the most-watched awards ceremony of the year, they are often highly controversial. This time, the slap heard around the world was much less expected. The slap was a total surprise and seems like an unlikely event. Will Smith and Chris Rock are two very successful celebrities who are also very well known for their sense of humor. While the slap was a funny moment, it could have been much worse. The Oscars are known for being a bit too traditional. Slapping someone on stage is a very unconventional way of getting attention. In that sense, Smith and Rock did a great job. With that being said, the slap heard worldwide may have been the most unlikely thing that happened at the Oscars. It’s doubtful that many people will forget it.

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