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First what is Onlyfans:

OnlyFans is a content subscription platform that enables creators to earn money by selling their content to users. It is commonly associated with sex workers and is operated by women. The service is popular with and commonly associated with sex workers and the most paid creators are women.

Many women on Onlyfans hire “Page Managers” to run the page and pretend to be them. So they can sit back and live life racking in thousands of dollars in profit.

Your favorite Famous model doesn’t run her own page. She pays some dude to pretend he’s her and he gets a cut of the pages revenue. I’ve interviewed a major page manager to a page in the top .1% of creators who wanted to stay anonymous. What I found is disheartening.

100k Creator level

“As someone who ran a page for an Onlyfans model for a while, I can see everyone’s dirty laundry.”
Here are some of the questions I asked

Q: What was something you wish people knew before messaging?

A: “Firstly, I wish people knew it wasn’t the girl actually answering all their questions day in and day out. How do people not realize these models can’t make content, live life, and run their page that gets 100s of messages a day”

Q: What is something you’d tell a person wanting to manage a page?

A:“F***ing don’t. You’ll hate every moment of your life. The contracts can be horrible and lots of people will try to scam you. You’re better off trying to find an actual stable job. I had to work 8 am t0 11 pm every day with no weekends off talking to hundreds of horny men who have no respect for the content creator.

Q: What are some of the things you saw or had to deal with?

A:“So many messages asking for D*** ratings. These guys pay 10 dollars to get a copy and paste message sent to them. They truly believe it’s the girl talking to them at 11 at night.” I felt so bad for them at times how truly lonely some people are. But to be that low and message some of the grossest and most hateful things at these girls. It certainly makes me feel sad inside.

Q: What are the contracts like?

A: “Beyond unfair to the model. For instance, I’ve seen models with 45%-65% taken away from them before and the companies would own their content for a year if the model quits. The companies that manage these models are as bad as the record labels in the 80s-90s. In addition, they’d only give some managers 10% after certain goals are met. It can be insanely profitable then they’ll dump you out of a contract to save the 10% when the model is profitable.”

In conclusion, hundreds of men think they message that model every day. If only they knew that they’ll never really talk to her and they’re talking to a random guy online really.
Remember to think who can see really see what you send?

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  1. My husband and I are creators and we also run a small fan-page management agency. We manage mostly women and couple’s pages and one male gay page. It is A LOT of work and takes a lot of time and energy. But I wouldn’t discourage someone from doing it, independently… not for a big agency.
    It is true that most of the engagement is with my husband/partner. I write the post captions and engage with the comments.
    Part of the set-up in the beginning is learning the creators syntax or online voice… so that it sounds genuine because each creator is unique.
    There’s no discovery page on OnlyFans so creators are responsible for their own site traffic… which means a lot of marketing. Having someone manage your page gives you the freedom to put your energy into the time consuming marketing that’s necessary for your growth.
    Plus we have proprietary software we use to increase our creator’s following and ppv sales.
    My bottom line point is that top 1% creators are doing what they need to do when outsourcing page management.
    It’s no different than many celebrities and influencers on social media, they use page managers as well and no one complains 🤷🏻‍♀️

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