9 dead and 21 injured

7 Students and 2 teachers have died in a school shooting in Kazan, Russia. The gunman, a 19-year old man stormed the school with a semi-automatic shotgun and explosives. He started firing in a classroom filled with eighth-graders. Most of the children were around 7 to 15 years of age. 21 people were injured in the firing with 6 in critical conditions.

The children told the Russian media about the experience and described how the shooter tried to enter a classroom. Students and teachers barricaded the classroom doors to prevent the shooter from accessing the classroom. Students say the gunman would bash on the door until the police arrived and started firing upon the gunman. The police manage to detain the shooter.

According to the local media, it was reported that the gunman was a former student of the school. On telegram messenger, there was a channel created by the gunman and photos of the gunman posing with guns with the word “God”. Referring to himself as “God” the gunman threatened to commit mass killing in the posts.

Russia tightening gun regulations

Russian officials stated that the man obtained a gun license last month in April. With the gun license, the shooter was able to obtain a semi-automatic shotgun. Following this tragic incident, Putin has ordered Russian officials to tighten up gun control. Russia’s National Guard will be developing new rules on gun ownership and said that they will be working with the other government bodies on the issue.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the head of Russia’s parliament stated that starting next week there will discussions about stricter background checks and measures that can be implemented. Russia already has strict gun regulations requiring owners to take classes, tests, psychological, and mental examinations before obtaining a gun license. Purchasing a rifle would take an additional 5-year waiting period before one can own a rifle. With this tragedy, gun regulations will only become stricter in Russia.

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