It seems the spirit of the Olympics lives on as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will not be canceled. Of course, the “2020” in the title of the Tokyo Olympics doesn’t make sense since the event was postponed until 2021. The reason it’s called the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is mainly because of marketing and branding. Moving forward to the problems and pleas regarding the Olympics.

Despite many Japanese voicing their concerns and disapproval of the sporting event. Olympics officials and organizers with utmost confidence said that the game will be safe and will be going on ahead. With the date looming closer, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will start on July 23rd, 2021, and will end on August 8.

Easier said than done

This will be an incredibly difficult event to pull off especially under danger of the coronavirus. International spectators will not be allowed to prevent the spread of the virus. Furthermore, nurses have been beckoning to work for the Olympics. This has angered many nurses and doctors in Japan. Many opposed this event. One doctor said, “ How can anyone have fun in this? We are in a life or death crisis right now”.

Some top officials of Japan have said that canceling the Olympics is an option. Stating that efforts should be focused on the virus and getting it under control if the pandemic takes a turn for the worse. But the pleas of many are disregarded, to the dismay of many Japanese people and medical experts, the Olympics will not be canceled.



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