The Thief series is a critically acclaimed video game with praises from both critics and gamers, it is a stealth game of the late 90s and early 2000s. Developed by Looking Glass Studios who also produce the thrilling, sci-fi, System Shock series. The Thief series set the stone for the stealth genre, with it having a major influence in many stealth games.

The first stealth game set in a first-person perspective with sound and light being crucial gameplay mechanics. Players will have to be careful with how much noise they make. Details such as the type of surface they walk on or how fast they are moving are accounted for. Focusing on the light and darkness mechanics, which played an important role in the series. Players must sneak by enemies using the shadows and darkness to hide. A “light gem” is present to indicate to players how concealed they are. Factors such as having weapons out or how fast they are moving can affect how visible they are.

Those who have played the Thief series will be awash with nostalgia as one can remember the dark and moody atmosphere. Fantasy, steampunk, and medieval elements mixed into the world. The levels vary as the players can be sneaking through a haunted crypt filled with the undead or looting a noble’s mansion, patrolled by drunken guards.

The good old days

Sitting on the edge of the seat, filled with anxiety, and praying to not be noticed. As an enemy approaches near the dark corner that one is hiding in. The thief gave the feeling of excitement and tension. With the sounds and first-person perspective adding in a new layer of immersion.

But sadly the game didn’t age well. If one chooses to play this series now, they wouldn’t feel the pressure and thrill like when it was first released. Mainly because many would be turned off by the outdated graphics.

Still, the Thief series holds the title as the pioneer of the stealth genre. Thief is still enjoyable if gamers can get past the outdated graphics and reconfigure the keyboard bindings to that of their preference. Not only will they find the gameplay to be rich and challenging but the storyline as well. Immerse yourself in the world of Thief, it is available on Steam if one wishes to purchase it.


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