On Saturday, India breaks all corona records. The circumstances in India are by far the worst right now. In 24 hours, 400,000 new infections were officially added. At least 3,500 people died. And the situation is not coming to an end.

India is the first country to have so many new infections added in 24 hours. Several hospitals are full, so they refuse new patients. The previous records were also in the name of India. For ten days now, at least 300,000 new cases have been added every day. New cases in India are 220 times higher than one year ago.

That is much more than in the United States, another record holder. At the US infection peak in January, the country had more than 300,000 new infections in one day.

Daily graph of COVID19 infections in India

Data retrieved from Google.


Slow vaccination

In India, 19 million people have been infected with corona since the start of the pandemic. The contamination rate is increasing. Since the end of the factory, 7.7 million cases have been added. Just as much as in the previous six months.

In India, 208,330 people have already died from the virus. On Saturday, there were 3,523 new deaths. Meanwhile, the vaccination is very slow. India is one of the largest vaccine producers in the world, but it is facing an acute shortage of corona vaccines.

The Indian government has come under a lot of criticism. In March, scientists warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he must intervene. But he didn’t. This has allowed major religious gatherings and political rallies to take place in recent weeks and months. This also includes meetings of Modi’s party.

The Biden administration is set to enact a travel ban on any non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents coming to the country from India.  Multiple coronavirus variants have driven India’s COVID-19 outbreak to troubling new heights. The policy will take effect starting on Tuesday.

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