May 10th estimated arrival date for vaccine

Moderna will be delivering 1 million doses of the vaccine that is desperately needed in Canada. As the third wave has been putting the country’s health care system under heavy strain. Major General Dany Fortin who is overseeing the logistics of the vaccine delivery said that Canada will be expected to receive the delivery in weeks.

Issues with supply chains and problems of quality assurance have affected deliveries for weeks. The federal governments are working closely with a biotech company to ensure the delivery of the vaccines reach Canada. Providing assurance to the provinces and territories with enough supplies to combat the surge in cases.

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Pfizer not losing the delivery game

Starting May, Pfizer vaccines are also expected to arrive in the country with 2 million doses a week making their way in. Ramping the quantity of the delivery to 2.5 million a week come the month of June.

With a staggering amount of vaccines coming in, the age bracket can be lowered. People at the age of 18 and older can start booking appointments by May 24. The federal government is estimating 50 million doses to be delivered by June 1st. Enough to vaccinate every adult in Canada with a few million left to administer a second shot.

Good news but keep caution

The fight is not over yet as we still have a long way to go before this is over. Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, Dr. Howard Njoo, said to keep following health guidelines and avoid coming in close contact to other people. Once everyone is vaccinated, we can relax a bit.

Statistics show the total number of cases in Canada is currently at 1.21 million, with 7000-8000 new cases a day.

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