It’s not a joke; it’s reality.

The penis is a man’s most guarded treasure, dubbed the “crown jewels.” The male genitalia symbolizes pride with men trying to prove superior, not through a test of strength or intelligence, but the size of their genitals. These bouts are well known as ‘dick-measuring contests’ to prove to each other who has the enormous joystick. Many believe that penis size equates to manliness. Today there is a conception that the more you pack down there, the better you’re at sex. That women desire a “big” partner. Hearing all those would demoralize the few that have micropenis.

Clinical sources have stated that micropenis is a rare medical condition that affects 0.6% of men worldwide. Many men mistakenly believe that they have a micropenis; this is not true as it is a rare condition. A few factors indicate if a man has a micropenis or not.

  1. The penile stretched length is 2.5 less than the standard deviation of an average penis.
  2. The average stretched or erect penis length is 13.25 cm or 5.21 in, and a micropenis stretched, or erect length is  9.32 cm/ 3.67 in or less.

Doctors have said that micropenis functions normally unless there are no other health issues. It does not affect a person’s abilities to urinate, masturbate, orgasm, or get an erection.

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Causes and Treatments

Men will not see their penis shrink to a micropenis; it doesn’t work that way. Instead, doctors usually diagnose micropenis at birth, meaning you are born with it. The common cause of micropenis is usually either hormonal abnormalities or genetic issues.

There is no cure for micropenis, but there are treatments that can help. Hormonal therapies, specifically testosterone, can help the penis grow. Testosterone is applied in a cream/ointment or through an injection to the penis. Furthermore, treatment must begin in infancy or early to maximize its effectiveness as it is less effective during and after puberty. Other therapies may follow suit depending on the cause and condition.

Surgery may be another option, but it is considered riskier, and many doctors are hesitant to give the greenlight since such a procedure can have a high chance of complications.

Sex and Psychological Pain

Many times men will hear that having a big meat stick means that you are a more intimate and better lover, that women will swoon over those with a cock that rivals the height of the tower of Babylon. Hearing these, however, can be mentally challenging; on top of that, men with micropenis will suffer from anxiety when it comes to sex. In addition, penetrative sexual intercourse will be impossible for some men with micropenis, which means that IVF will be required if one ever wants to start a family, as men with micropenis need to rely on their tongue and fingers more than their little buddy. Using toys is also an excellent addition to spice up sex life.

The condition is rare; again, it affects 0.6% of males worldwide; when a woman encounters a man with a micropenis, it is possible that they would not know what to do but express shock or disappointment. Such an event could lead a guy to have a traumatic experience, with anxiety clouding their head. Sex therapy or counseling could benefit. A healthy attitude is required for both partners, and with some mental adjustments, a person with a micropenis can have a healthy sex life.

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Tiny Big Penis: The Climax

In conclusion, men worried about their royal rods being small can rest assured because it is a rare medical condition. As most research has published, those who inherit a mini sausage chin up and have confidence that only a tiny percentage of women get off sexual penetration. And many experts and men with below-average size penis state that one can still enjoy a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Better practice with your tongue by licking up ice cream and wagging your fingers. Stand your soldier tall and proud, big or small it doesn’t matter.

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    1. Wow! This article was a tantalizing, yet insightful and entertaining, jaunt through the once shadowy and reserved mythos of the micro penis. This article, and it’s author, have truly changed my outlook on the micro penis, and should be spared no amount of congratulations for the quality and journalistic integrity they continue to bring to such a storied and revered institution like The Simple Herald. Bravo Eric!

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