Resident Evil 8 Get Ready to be scared and stepped on

The famous Resident Evil Series is going to expand with Resident Evil 8 coming out. With teasers, trailers, and demos making a prominent impression among the crowd. An exciting cast of characters has been revealed, with all eyes on one of the antagonists who is a tall woman, clad in white, name Lady Dimitrescu. As many avid gamers and fans of the series await release dates, here are some of the things that we know about the game to satisfy your growing hunger for the game.

Capcom’s upcoming anticipated game, Resident Evil Village will release on May 7th, 2021. The countdown has begun with May 7th closing in on us, many will be excited to experience the survival horror that is Resident Evil 8. This major installment of the Resident Evil series is a sequel to the previous installment Resident Evil 7. As the narratives follow Ethan Winters, who is the protagonist of the game. The general plot of RE8 simmers down to Ethan trying to rescue his captive daughter Rosemary.

This survivor horror is not like its predecessor with the theme and feel of the game focusing more on occultism. Folklore is heavily inspiring this installment with vampires, werewolves, mermen, and ghosts being heavily involved instead of just zombies. Classic horrifying monsters from fantasies and tales told throughout history are the major backbone and fear factor for this terrifying title.

Moving on from the plot and theme, comes the gameplay! Similar to RE7 the game will be set in the first-person mode. Players are able to explore the village in RE8. Trouble will follow suit as many creatures and mutants inhabit the village. Items can be purchase from and sold to a character titled “The Duke” a well-mannered, dapper, obese man with a healthy 400 lbs frame who acts as the merchant in the game. Assortments of weapons are available to use, ranging from a knife to an assault rifle. Upgrading weapons are also available through The Duke. The inventory system will be similar to RE4 where players will have to carefully manage their inventory, flipping items around like Tetris blocks to make things fit. And last but not least players can craft items and ammo through resources that they find in the world.

Players will have to avoid “tall vampiric mommy with three hot daughters” hunting you down in-game.

The memes are exploding with Lady Dimitrescu as the star of the show, many people’s fetish has awakened inside them not knowing what they want all along is a, and I quote “a freakishly tall, mature, imposing woman that can step on me”. Not to mention that you’ll be stalked in the game by her similar to Mr. X. But wait there’s more! It’s not just Lady Dimitrescu chasing after you, but her three daughters will join in the fun too as they’ll try to seek you out in a game of cat and mouse.

The stalking mechanics of Lady Dimitrescu might be a hindrance. As many players will probably run towards her, on accounts of many fans and memes stating that she is a “vampiric gf” and “hot tall mommy”. With people stating on social media that they want to be “step on” by Lady Dimitrescu. Gamers however must resist the temptation to run towards her or any of her three daughters as they are a threat. Remember to run away or else you’ll be seeing “YOU ARE DEAD” on the screen. Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters may have a more captivating design than the menacing, hulking, Mr. X but that doesn’t mean they’re any less threatening!


Meet Her soon in-game on May 7th!

Information is scarce but we hope that we have satisfied your hunger for RE8 temporarily as the game looms over our heads. Soon we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in the horrifying, yet exhilarating world of Resident Evil. From the eerie village to the bleak, haunting castle of Dimitrescu. Facing off against monsters and frightening beings, experiencing the nightmares that Capcom has in store. Many gamers will find that this game will live up to the hype it has been bringing. Buy the game on May 7th, so we finally meet Lady Dimitrescu.

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    1. does that mean i should buy $CCOEY?

    2. this article is very informative. I am excited to buy the game and play it for myself!

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