Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly planning on running for president in 2024 according to three people who are familiar with the matter (Axios).

Christie hasn’t said anything publicly about the potential 2024 run but he did tell radio host Hugh Hewitt that he is not ruling it out in late 2020 (youtube). Christie had previously run for president in 2015 before dropping out of the presidential race on February 10th, 2016.

He would be the first Republican candidate of the 2024 race if he announced.

We will update this story as more comes out.

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    1. He’s a great candidate. If the radical democrats had their way they’d just let Kamala rule forever once Sleepy shoe croaks. That’s not my America!

    2. I want Chris Christie and his big sausage rolls to crush me to death while he sits on the phone ordering the George Washington Bridge lane closure.

      God, if I could only have one thing in my life, it’d be that.

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